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SERVPRO of Rock Hill & York County Is Here To Help In Your Time Of Need!!!

4/14/2020 (Permalink)

Please feel free to call with any questions or concerns! SERVPRO of Rock Hill & York County 803-324-5780.

During this unprecedented time caused by the global pandemic of coronavirus, this is a reminder to our customers that we are specialists in cleaning services, and we adhere to the highest cleaning and sanitation standards. Our local SERVPRO has experience in resolving biohazard situations and has also received certifications from the IICRC. 

Specialized Training

We are prepared to clean and disinfect your home or business, according to protocols set forth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. We have years of experience in dealing with biological contaminants, and we will go beyond the scope of work that regular janitorial staff performs on a daily basis. Here at our local SERVPRO of Rock Hill & York County, we’ve partnered with authorities when encountering such situations. 

The CDC encourages cleaning of high-touch surfaces such as counters, tabletops, doorknobs, light switches, bathroom fixtures, toilets, phones, keyboards, ad tables. Other spaces mentioned in the CDC’s guidance for commercial spaces include:

  • Kitchen/Food Areas
  • Bathrooms
  • Schools/Classrooms
  • Offices
  • Retail Spaces
  • Water Fountains
  • Shelving/Racks
  • Sales Counters
  • Carpets and Rugs
  • Stair Handrails
  • Elevator Cars
  • Playground Equipment
  • Fitness Equipment

Specialized Products

The CDC recommends usage of a labeled hospital-grade disinfectant with claims against similar pathogens to the coronavirus. Multiple products in the SERVPRO product line carry the EPA-approved emerging pathogens claims. While there is currently no product tested against this particular strain of the coronavirus, we are following all guidelines as provided by the CDC and local authorities.

Call Today for a Proactive Cleaning

If your home or business needs deep cleaning services, call the experts today – SERVPRO Rock Hill & York County,  (803) 324-5780.


3/11/2020 (Permalink)

Get Ready For Spring Cleaning.

Spring is just around the corner. Traditionally, people feel the need to deep-clean their homes once they feel the warm air arrive and can open their windows to welcome the new season. There are many areas in your home that you will want to clean once begin tackling this spring-time chore. Here are a few tips to help you get started that you may not have considered.

Wash Your Curtains and Drapes

When you start your spring cleaning, one of the first things you should do is clean your window coverings. This includes blinds, shutters, curtains or drapes. This should be done early on in the process as dirt and dust from the coverings can fall to the floor below, so you don't want to clean your floor before the drapes.

Test Your Smoke Detectors

Another step that should be included in spring cleaning is testing your smoke detectors. Most detectors have a test button on them that allows you to ensure they are working. If they don't work, you probably just need to replace the batteries.

Replace Water and Air Filters

As part of your spring-cleaning checklist, be sure to replace water filters and air filters. Filters catch debris from water and air. When they get full, they cannot filter as effectively as they should. The filters should be routinely replaced to ensure that they can work efficiently.

Clean Your Dryer Vent

Your dryer vent can easily become filled with lint and debris. Clean the dryer vent to help improve drying time and energy efficiency and also to prevent a fire. The vent inside your dryer should be cleaned with each load, but in the spring, you should check your exterior vent as well, making sure there is nothing accumulating in the tubing from the dryer to the outside.

Clean Your Grill

Once it begins to get warmer, people start thinking about cooking and eating outside. Now is the perfect time inspect your grill, refill your tanks if it is a gas grill, and clean all the cooking surfaces so it is ready to use when you want to make delicious meals.

Check Your Windows and Doors For Leaks

As you spring clean, take the time to check your windows and doors for leaks or air drafts. If you feel outdoor air seeping in, the seals may need to be replaced.

Check Your Plumbing for Leaks

Lastly, take the time to check your plumbing for leaks. Look for leaks under your sinks and for leaking faucets. If you notice any leaks, call in a plumber to make the needed repairs.

Are you looking to get your home clean for spring but lack the time to do it all yourself? Here at SERVPRO of Rock Hill & York County, we can help you with some of your cleaning needs. We offer many services including fire and water clean-up services, mold remediation, and carpet cleaning. Give us a call at 803-324-5780 so we can get started today.

Gutters Can Cause Water Damage

10/10/2019 (Permalink)

We are ready to help you with any type of water damage cleanup.

Cleaning gutters is a necessary job that’s easy to delay. Rain gutters get clogged with leaves and other debris over time, which can cause water damage to your home. If you have had water cause damage to your home give us a call to help with the cleanup process. 

Odor Removal For Your Fort Mill Home

12/6/2017 (Permalink)

Waterboy the Elf.

What is a hydroxyl generator? Water boy the Elf is trying to find out. Hydroxyl generators are a revolutionary device that generates “superior hydroxyls” that eliminate bacteria, noxious gases, odors and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in indoor environments. Do you have a odor you would like to get rid of? Call us today at 803-324-5780.


10/3/2017 (Permalink)

Duct Cleaning Process:

  • The process begins by using patented equipment including a roto-scraper, which automatically adapts to the duct's shape an diameter while traveling through the duct, removing debris and filth before vacuuming begins.
  • Next, a powerful push-pull air delivery and collection system transfers the debris from the ducting to a 16-gallon container.
  • Air is filtered through a HEPA filtration system, removing 99.97 percent of particles in the airstream. HEPA filters capture debris and keep the environment clean.
  • As an optional process, a sealant or coating product may be sprayed to address odor to microbial concerns.
  • Filters will either be cleaned or replaced to remove odor and dirt.

In some circumstances, such as after fire, smoke or suspected mold growth, duct cleaning becomes an essential part of the cleanup process.

Dirtiest Items In Your Home.

9/14/2017 (Permalink)

how many people have touched your door knobs in your home?

Faucet Handles

Anyone who comes into your home and uses the bathroom may or may not wash their hands properly, therefore leaving behind germs all over your bathroom sink’s faucet handles. To wash mix 2 cups of warm water with 2 teaspoons of dishwashing liquid in a small bowl. Soak a washrag into the mixture and scrub the faucet. Use an old toothbrush dipped in baking soda to scrub areas with hard mineral deposits. Lastly, rinse the faucet and shine with a microfiber cloth.

Door Knobs

How often do you clean your door knobs? Most people simply do not think of their door knob when cleaning the house. Take a moment and think about how many people have touched your door knobs in the last month or two. That’s a lot of dirty hands. To wash spray the surface with vinegar and wipe dry with a clean cloth.

Pets Beds

Our pets are part of our family and we love them but we don’t have to love your beds. Their beds should be cleaned as often as we change our mattress sheets, right? Especially since our pets are outsides using the restroom several times a day and then go lay down in the beds. To wash, first vacuum the bed of all the hair and debris. Then remove the cover from the base of the bed (most beds have one) and put both in the washing machine (wash on sanitize cycle). Once washed, switch to the dryer and use a dryer sheet to reduce static electricity and remove excess hair.

Cutting Boards

Our cutting boards need a little more attention than we think, since its purpose it to cut the food that we eat on them. If not washed properly, bacteria can grow and affects our food. To wash properly scrubbing the wooden or plastic cutting boards with a paste made from baking soda, salt, and water (1 tablespoon each). Then Rinse thoroughly with hot water.


Sponges are used to clean, but how often to you actually spend time cleaning the sponges, themselves. To wash, mix ¾ cup of bleach in one gallon of water, and soak the sponge for five minutes.

Remote Controls

Remote controls are one of the most hand held items in your house and with all those hands touching them how often are they cleaned? To clean use a lint-free cloth to wipe down the remote with rubbing alcohol (or use an electronics cleaning wipe). Make sure to clean the top, bottom, and sides of the remotes. For the buttons on the remote and any hard to reach areas, use a cotton swab.

Sewage Cleanup In Tega Cay

1/31/2017 (Permalink)

Tega Cay sewage cleanup company ready to help. 803-324-5780.

SERVPRO is ready to help with your sewage disaster

The community of Tega Cay has had a long history of sewage backups and just sewer issues over the years. Some times the dirty water just comes out of a broken line near the street or overflows from a drain into Lake Wylie. The one that causes the most problems for homeowners is when it backs up into their property. When that happens it causes major damage to materials and personal belongings. We have had plenty of emergency calls for sewage cleanup over the years in Tega Cay. Our staff is ready to handle the mess and the odor that it may bring. If you have questions about the process or would like to schedule service call us today.

Sewage Backup or Toilet Overflow? Call Us Today – (803) 324-5780

We strive to be the best restoration company in the Tega Cay community and the surrounding area. 

Rug Cleaning Company In Fort Mill

12/7/2016 (Permalink)

We are ready to get that rug looking good.

Do you have a rug that needs cleaned?

If so call us today about a price. We offer rug cleaning on most rugs. Many homeowners don't realize how quickly a household rug can get dirty. If it is near an entry door or a high traffic area it may need cleaned more often. Another cause may be pets. Pets can leave stains from peeing on the rug. Many pet stains can be removed but sometimes they are set in by the owner by putting the wrong cleaning product on it. Smells are another issue that can affect your rug. Oder from cigarette smoke can get trapped in the rug and continue to smell long after the smoker has left. Pet smells and musty smell can occur just over time.

If you need rug cleaning in the Fort Mill area call us today.

Need Carpet or Rug Cleaning?
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How To Get Rid Of Cigarette Smell In Fort Mill Or Rock Hill

11/29/2016 (Permalink)

SERVPRO cleaning team.

Getting The Cigarette Odor Out

To get rid of cigarette smell you must first ask yourself how bad is the smell and how long has someone been smoking in the area. If it is mild you may get away with just cleaning the floors, surfaces, furniture and windows. If it has been going on for a long time you may need the professionals to come in and give the area a ozone treatment.

Ozone has been proven to get rid of cigarette smell from many homes and business. It works by eliminating the irritation caused by phenol gasses, by oxidizing them. Phenol gasses are the part of tobacco that create the offensive odors.

If you have a property in the Fort Mill, Rock Hill area that has a cigarette smell that you want removed call us today. 

Need Cigarette Odor Removal Services?
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We would love to come out and get rid of the nasty smell from your home or business.

Compulsive Hoarding In Rock Hill And Tega Cay Area

9/7/2016 (Permalink)

Hoarding can be cleaned up by SERVPRO.

Hoarding Cleanup For York County

Since about the year 2000, hoarding and hoarder have entered our shared public vocabulary and are now firmly fixed as elements of popular culture. Compulsive hoarding, also known by medical professionals as hoarding disorder, is a pattern of behavior that is characterized by excessive acquisition and an inability or unwillingness to discard large quantities of objects that cover the living areas of the home and cause significant distress or impairment. Compulsive hoarding behavior has been associated with health risks, impaired functioning, economic burden, and adverse effects on friends and family members. When clinically significant enough to impair functioning, hoarding can prevent typical uses of space, enough so that it can limit activities such as cooking, cleaning, moving through the house, and sleeping. It can also put the individual and others at risk of fires, falling, poor sanitation, and other health concerns. Compulsive hoarders may be aware of their irrational behavior, but the emotional attachment to the hoarded objects far exceeds the motive to discard the items.

Compulsive hoarding in its worst forms can cause fires, unsanitary conditions (such as rat and roach infestations), and other health and safety hazards.

Listed below are possible symptoms hoarders may experience:

1. They hold onto a large number of items that most people would consider useless or worthless:

Junk mail, old catalogs and newspapers
Worn out cooking equipment
Things that might be useful for making crafts
Clothes that might be worn one day
Broken things or trash
"Freebies" or other promotional products
2. Their home is cluttered to the point where many parts are inaccessible and can no longer be used for their intended purpose:

Beds that cannot be slept in
Kitchens that cannot be used for food preparation, refrigerators filled with rotting food, and stove tops piled with combustibles such as junk mail and old food
Tables, chairs, or sofas that cannot be used for dining or sitting
·Unsanitary bathrooms, piles of human or animal feces collected in areas of the home, and giant bags of dirty diapers that have been hoarded for many years
Tubs, showers, and sinks are filled with items and can no longer be used for washing or bathing. Hoarders would thus possibly forego bathing, or bathe at another facility.
Some hoarded animals they cannot even marginally care for; dead animals cannibalized by other animals are often found under the heaps. Animals often suffer due to lack of mobility.
3. Their clutter and mess is at a point where it can cause illness, distress, and impairment. As a result, they:

Do not allow visitors in, such as family and friends or repair and maintenance professionals, because the clutter embarrasses them
Are reluctant or unable to return borrowed items
Steal due to the impulse of possession
Keep the shades drawn so that no one can look inside
Get into a lot of arguments with family members regarding the clutter
Are at risk of fire, falling, infestation, or eviction
Often feel depressed or anxious due to the clutter

If you or a member of your family or circle of close friends exhibits traits similar to those described above, outside help may be needed. Medical professionals can and do administer drug therapy and/or cognitive-behavioral therapy to those experiencing this disorder. Of course, a suffering individual must first be convinced to seek this outside help. This is in most cases bound to be a process rather than an event and patience and persistence may be needed.

In some cases, outside help may also be required to help clean out accumulated objects and products and debris from the home of someone who has been hoarding. In addition, extensive demolition and reconstruction of the home could be needed. If you think you might need this kind of help, do not hesitate to contact SERVPRO.

Need Hoarding Cleanup Services?
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Commercial Cleaning For Rock Hill

4/18/2016 (Permalink)

We are ready to help for any Rock Hill commercial disaster.

Need a general Cleaning at your company?

We here at SERVPRO of Rock Hill & York County can handle your cleaning project or disaster you may have at your commercial building. Most companies have a staff to handle general maintenance and light cleaning for their Rock Hill building. We can be called when a job or problem arises that can't be handled by the on site staff such as fire damage, water damage or mold removal.

Commercial buildings need to stay open for business

Another way SERVPRO can help is to get your business back up and running quickly if you have to shut down from a disaster. The longer you cannot serve your clients the longer you loose money and productivity. We can get on site quickly due to we are a local company and assess the situation and let you know what is needed to get your doors back open. We here at SERVPRO have a unlimited supply of resources for any size Rock Hill commercial restoration.

For more information about SERVPRO in Rock Hill you can visit our Linkedin page by clicking here: SERVPRO Linkedin

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Hoarding and Fire Safety In Rock Hill And Fort Mill

3/17/2016 (Permalink)

If you need hoarding cleanup service, call today for help at 803-324-5780.

Cleaning A Hoarding House Is A Big Task

Many fire departments are experiencing serious fires, injuries, and deaths as the result of compulsive hoarding behavior in Fort Mill and rock Hill. The excessive accumulation of materials in homes poses a significant threat to firefighters fighting fires and responding to other emergencies in these homes and to residents and neighbors. Often, the local fire department will be contacted to help deal with this serious issue. Since studies suggest that between three and five percent of the population are compulsive hoarders, fire departments must become familiar with this issue and how to effectively handle it.

Free guide: Download NFPA's free guide on hoarding and the fire service (PDF), 930 KB

What is hoarding?
Hoarding is defined as collecting or keeping large amounts of various items in the home due to strong urges to save them or distress experienced when discarding them. Many rooms in the home are so filled with possessions that residents can no longer use the rooms as designed. The home is so overloaded with things that everyday living is compromised.

Why do people become hoarders?
Hoarding is a mental disorder that can be genetic in nature, triggered by traumatic events, or a symptom of another disorder, such as depression, obsessive compulsive disorder, or dementia. Studies have found that hoarding usually begins in early adolescence and gets worse as a person ages. It is more common among older adults.

Why is hoarding an issue for the fire service?

  • Hoarding can be a fire hazard. Many occupants die in fires in these homes. Often, blocked exits prevent escape from the home. In addition, many people who are hoarding are injured when they trip over things or when materials fall on them.
  • Responding firefighters can be put at risk due to obstructed exits, falling objects, and excessive fire loading that can lead to collapse. Hoarding makes fighting fires and searching for occupants far more difficult.
  • Those living adjacent to an occupied structure can be quickly affected when a fire occurs, due to excessive smoke and fire conditions.   Please visit for more information.

Need Fort Mill or Rock Hill Hoarding Services?
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Locally Owned Company with National Resources

SERVPRO of Rock Hill & York County is locally owned and operated, so we are part of this community too. When you have a cleaning or restoration need, we’re already nearby and ready to help. We take pride in being a part of the Rock Hill, Fort Mill, SC community and want to do our part in making it the best it can be.

Carpet Odors...Carpet Cleaning Is What You Need

3/10/2016 (Permalink)

Dirty carpets? Get them cleaned today by SERVPRO.

So Your Carpet Is Smelly

 There are many reasons why a carpet can become smelly, from pet odors to heavy soiling and other causes. However, what some don’t realize is a little water intrusion can cause a big problem with the condition of their carpet, even after it seems the carpet has dried.

 Water intrusions can be from many sources. If it is from a toilet (raw sewage), it’s almost always best to discard the carpet and pad and get something new. While doing that, be sure the subfloor is also cleaned and disinfected appropriately, and sealed if necessary. If it is from an overflowing sink or a leaky pipe, the damage can usually be limited so purchasing new flooring isn’t always necessary.

 But one of the biggest problems is waiting too long no matter the cause of the water damage in your home.

 When you discover a wet carpet or rug, it’s time to get to work. Remove the water with extraction, and get some air movement and ventilation started on removing moisture.

However, here’s the problem. If the carpet isn’t dried really fast, like how professional water damage experts can dry carpet using their specialized tools and equipment, a persistent musty smell can develop. There’s not much a homeowner can do to fix that issue. In the winter months, when humidity is low, you may not notice the odor that much. But when summer arrives, with the higher humidity, those odors will come back with a vengeance.

 Even worse, mold can begin to grow. No one wants potentially dangerous mold in their homes!

If you want to schedule a carpet cleaning for your home or business, call us today. We serve Fort Mill, Rock Hill, Tega Cay, Clover, Lake Wylie and all of York County.

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Commercial Carpet Cleaning In Fort Mill

1/26/2016 (Permalink)

A carpet cleaning will help your Fort Mill business look its best.

Keeping your commercial space presentable is one of the best first impressions you’ll make. If your space could use some tidying up, commercial carpet cleaning could be just what you need.

If your Fort Mill office or business would like to have your carpets cleaned, call us today and we will get you taken care of.

We offer free estimates to all commercial carpet cleaning projects.

For more information or questions call us today.

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