Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Emergency Fire Damage Cleanup Company

When you have a fire damage in a home or business it can cause major damage. Call us today so we may help you with the cleanup. Our fire restoration team can help with soot removal, odor removal, contents and structure cleaning. Our commercial fire damage restoration team serves Fort Mill, Rock Hill, Clover, Lake Wylie and all of York County South Carolina.

Fort Mill Fire Cleanup Services

House fires in Fort Mill can cause a lot of damage to your home and contents. Smoke and soot are what we are prepaired to get out of your home. The soot from a fire spreads throughout the home getting on the structure and contents. Most of the time during a light soot fire the homeowner does not realize how far and how much of their contents have been affected. The smoke smell from a fire can be removed from a machine called a hydroxyl generator. If you need help with cleanup for a fire claim call our office today at 803-324-5780.

Baxter Village Fire Cleanup Company

Be safe this holiday season when decorating with lights and candles. A fire can start quickly and cause major damage to your home. Many homeowners have a lot on there mind due to the holidays and things sometimes get overlooked. Be safe and have a wonderful day. For more information about our fire damage cleanup service you can visit our website.

Holiday Fire Tips

Safe holidays are happy holidays. Electrical fires can cause major damage to a home or commercial property. Soot and odor can spread very quickly and can and can get into every corner and nook. Here are some helpful tips as you decorate your home or business:

Holiday Fire Safety

Thanksgiving is only a few days away. Make sure you keep a close eye on your candles and items cooking. Fire and smoke damage cleanup is something you do not want to have to go through over the holidays.

Fire Damage Cleanup Company for Fort Mill and Rock Hill

A house fire can cause major damage to a home or commercial building in the Fort Mill, Rock Hill area. Not only will the fire itself burn items and structure material but the smoke and smell will travel throughout the property causing even more damage. If you have questions about a recent fire call us today at 803-324-5780. We will be happy to walk you through the steps of the fire damage restoration process.

Need Kitchen Fire Cleanup Service?

This home in the Fort Mill, Rock Hill area suffered a fire damage claim to there home. The fire caused smoke and soot to spread throughout the home. Our fire damage cleanup service is onsite now getting everything looking good again. If you need any fire damage related cleanup service call our office today at 803-324-5780.

House Fire Cleanup Company

Have soot or a bad smoke smell in your home? We have the tools and man power to help you get things cleaned up. Call us today for soot cleanup service at 803-324-5780.

House Fire In Rock Hill

This is a picture of a HVAC cold air return after a kitchen fire that put soot throughout the home. We did a full cleanup of the property along with a duct cleaning two get the homeowners back in as soon as possible.

If you need soot removal at your home or business give us a call today. We will be happy to do a free inspection to see how much damage you have and if you need to file an insurance claim to cover the cost.

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Winthrop University Fire Damage Cleanup Service

Kitchen Fire causes damage to home and contents in Rock Hill.

A pan was left unattended on top of the stove and it quickly stated to smoke up the home. It also started to burn some of the cabinets and wall. The resident was able to put the fire out with a fire extinguisher before any more damage could be caused. We were called to clean up the soot and the extinguisher  debris so that the repairs could start quickly and they could move back in.

If you have a fire in your home call us today for a inspection.

Have Questions about Fire, Smoke, or Soot Damage?
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Reviews on SERVPRO of Rock Hill & York County

Great Review For SERVPRO of Rock Hill & York County

Here is a job completion form signed by one of our customers after performing a residential fire cleanup service. She was very pleased as we noticed by her adding a 11 on the being very satisfied area and circling it. We love to here when a homeowner has a great experience with SERVPRO of Rock Hill & York County after a water or fire damage has affected them.

Fire Damage in Rock Hill

This kitchen fire in Rock Hill started on the stove. The cabinets and all flooring were damaged and had to be removed. The rest of the home was affected by soot and had to be cleaned.

Kitchen Fire IN Fort Mill

This home in Fort Mill had a small kitchen fire on the stovetop. The wall and some of the ceiling got burned. The rest of the home was affected by soot.

Fire Damage In Fort Mill

This Fort Mill Home had a fireplace that allowed some ambers to escape and burn the flooring. Some of the brick had to be removed to access the subfloor and joists. The insulation in the crawlspace was affected by soot and was removed as well.