Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Storm Damage in Rock Hill Basement

This home called SERVPRO of Rock Hill & York County when a very bad storm caused water to come into their basement.  SERVPRO came in and cleaned up the puddles of water and placed a dehu and air movers to dry out the basement.  

Roof Tarping Company Ready To Help

Hail Damage To Roof?

Many roofs have been tarped over the weekend due to the storm. Hail and high winds have caused damage to shingles too roofs in Fort Mill, Rock Hill, Lake Wylie, Clover and York County area. If you need a roof inspection for damage call us today.

Tree Removal From Storm Damage

Tree removal in progress from the recent storm. Once completed our construction team will be moving forward with the repair process.

Flood Cleanup Company In York County

Floods and fire happen every day in York County. Many businesses and homeowners have to go through the claims process to get their home or property back to normal. If you need restoration service call us today and we will get our team onsite quickly.

Hurricane Michael Headed Toward York County South Carolina

Storm Damage From Hurricane Expected

Hurricane Michael has grown to a category 4. Its moving fast and going to make landfall today along the Florida coast. They are predicting that we will see high winds and heavy rain in the York County area on Thursday. Be safe and make sure you have prepared your home and family. If you need flood damage cleanup we are always here to help.

Weekend Snow Storm Has Passed

The storm has passed and now we are trying to catch up from all the floods and frozen water pipes from the weekend. It has been a crazy week with temperatures getting low a 10 degrees and up in the sixtes on Sunday. If you need help from a water leak or broken pipe call us today at 803-324-5780.

Damage From A Storm

This home had a tree fall on it from a storm in our area.  SERVPRO or Rock Hill & York County went out and dried the areas for the Customer.  If you need SERVPRO for your water mitigation, call us at (803) 324-5780.

Roof Damage in Fort Mill Causes Water Damage

This home in Fort Mill had some damage to the roof that allowed water to enter the home and damage the ceiling and floor.

Storm Damage in Fort Mill

A recent storm in Fort Mill caused water damage to a family home. The water entered the through a roof vent that was not sealed properly. After the homeowner had the repairs done we started the cleanup process.

Roof Leak Causes Damage to Fort Mill Home

A home in Fort Mill had a roof leak that let water run down into the home. The insulation and drywall on the ceiling were damaged and some fell to the floor. The homeowner got the roof tarped and we got to work. The area was cleanup up and dried out so no further damage could occur.

Leaky Roof In Rock Hill Causes Problems

A home in Rock Hill had a roof leak from this past rainstorm. The problem was a seal around a vent that failed. The result was damage to ceiling on the main level. The water left staining on the drywall and got the carpet wet on the floor. After the roof repair was complete we got to work and stated the water damage cleanup process.

Drywall Damage From Roof Leak

This home in Rock Hill had the drywall on the ceiling fall due to a roof leak. The weight of wet insulation was to much for the ceiling to hold. The water also affected the flooring and some of the walls. After the roof was repaired by a temporary tarp so we could start the cleanup and drying process. The homeowner filed a insurance claim to cover the water damage. If you live in Rock Hill and have a roof leak or a flood due to heavy rain or a storm, give us a call today for help at 803-324-5780.

Basement Floods Due to Heavy Rain In Rock Hill

Storm season started again last week with heavy rain that caused flooding in the Rock Hill area. Many homes and business were affected by the rising waters. This picture shows a basement in Rock Hill that filled up with rain water and caused damage to the water heater and HVAC unit. We pumped the water out and dried the area for the new equipment. If flooding affects your Rock Hill Home or business call us for help at 803-324-5780. We have flood pumpers ready for action.

On the Move to Baton Rouge

Our fellow SERVPRO franchises are heading to Baton Rouge to help with disaster relief. We are ALWAYS there for people in their time of need. Learn more about this disaster and ways that you can help out at the website below.