Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Mold Damage Clean Up

Don't let a water leak sit before you call SERVPRO of Rock Hill & York County to clean it up and dry it out.  A water mitigation claim can turn into a mold clean up fast. Call SERVPRO of Rock Hill & York County at (803) 324-5780.

Mold Growth

Given the right environment, mold can grow at an accelerated rate. Mold loves moisture and humidity. There are many ways that mold can occur. If you see mold in your home, trust us to come take care of the damage. SERVPRO has our very own chemist that creates our products. No one else has access to these wonderful products!  

Mold Damage

There are many different types of mold. There is nothing that we can't handle. At the first sight of mold, it is SO important to get the situation handled. We offer FREE estimates! 

Mold removal in Fort Mill,SC

Fort Mill Mold Removal and Cleanup Company

Here is a picture of a crawlspace that has been affected by mold. The mold cleanup took about a week and the homeowner was pleased.

If you have questions about mold removal call us today.


Rock Hill Mold Cleanup Company

Who to call about mold removal? SERVPRO

A picture of mold growing behind wallpaper in a home in Rock Hill. The owner did not notice the water leak until the smell started. Many times mold is not detected till it has started to put off a odor or the amount of growth gets larger. 

Call us today for a mold inspection at your property if you see signs.


Mold Damage to Fort Mill Home

This home in Fort Mill had a flood while the homeowners were out of town. When we were able to get onsite we found mold in the carpeting and other materials. We were able to get everything cleaned up and dry.

Crawlspace Mold In Rock Hill

This mold growth in a Rock Hill homes crawlspace looks like it has been going on for some time. It has gotten so bad that it appears to have mushrooms growing in the area. The homeowner was unaware of a slow leak that caused the damage.

Mold In Clover Crawlspace

A homeowner in Clover found mold in the crawlspace during a home inspection. The property was on the market for sale and the new homeowners inspector found this issue. We were called out to remove all visible mold growth and ensure that the area was dry. After the mold remediation process was over the home passed the post test and the sale was complete. If you have issues with mold growth in your crawlspace in the Clover area, call us today for assistance at 803-324-5780.

Mold Removal In Fort Mill

If you have mold in your home or crawlspace in Fort Mill call us today for help. We are certified by the IICRC for mold remediation. If you need a inspection or have any questions regarding mold or mold testing we are here to help. SERVPRO 803-324-5780